Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man does not have the ability to achieve an erection. If he is able to get an erection he may not be able to sustain it for very long and the erection he does have is not firm enough for sexual intercourse.

There are different severities of ED. Sometimes it is a very mild condition and may not even require medication. However, it many cases it is moderate to severe and requires more extensive treatment.

Signs of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dsyfunction Signs

There are many clues that a man is struggling with ED, and it is more than just an occasional failing as happens from time to time. It can be tough to tell the difference, and whether or not medication is necessary-which of course is determined by a doctor.

For now, you can educate yourself on identification of erectile dysfunction by the following traits:

  • The failure to no be able to get or maintain an erection, which is something that happens more frequently than not. (Again, it is not just an occasional failure that happens when a man is stressed out or just plain tired.)
  • A man is not able to get an erection for extended periods of time. This might occur after the death in the family, especially if it is a spouse. Prolonged grieving can cause this problem at least temporarily. (In this case a man may not want to try to have sex again for fear of failing a new partner.)
  • If a man has difficulty getting sexually aroused he may suffer from ED. This decreased libido often is a result of reduced testosterone levels as a man ages.
  • Sometimes a man who suffers this condition may also suffer from premature ejaculation. He may also have a low sperm volume.

Further Cause Info

As you can see in the description of the various signs of ED as shown above there are a variety of causes of erectile dysfunction. Some causes are physical while others are psychological, while others are brought on by lifestyle or disease.

Causes are categorized by type:

Physical Causes

Physical-Any cardiovascular disorder that affects the arteries, vein, or heart is a major contributor to ED. The reason why is circulation is needed to help keep the blood flowing so it is sent to the penis in order to get an erection.

Psychological Causes

Psychological-Often men who are depressed or stressed out on a constant basis might have a problem getting an erection. This state of worry or anxiety or low mood may be for a variety of reasons, such as recent death of a spouse, loss of job or any number of reasons.

Madical Causes

Medical-Sometimes certain conditions such as diabetes or different forms of cancer or chronic illnesses slow a man down. It might also be medication he is taking that causes him to not be able to become sexually aroused. Depending upon whether he is healthy enough for sexual activity, this may be a time when Viagra would help.

Lifestyle-Sometimes certain lifestyle choices such as lack of sleep, too much alcohol, tobacco use, or excessive drug use can impair a man’s ability to have an erection. He may need to make healthier decisions that do not harm his body. However, Viagra may help as well.

Treatment Options

Erectile Dsyfunction Treatment

Just to be fair, there is more than just Viagra to use for treating sexual dysfunctions. Men everywhere have used a variety of types of treatments ranging from prescription drugs to pumps to surgery to herbal medicine.

Of course, you have already heard about some of the top prescription medications. Besides Viagra, these include Cialis and Levitra. There are also several others that you may think about trying. However, they are not safe for everyone.

Another option men might use is herbal medicine. Supplements that have in them Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto, or Ginseng are a top choice. Several other herbs have been used as aphrodisiacs and circulatory enhancers to improve sex drive and sexual performance.

Another option for men is surgery. There are many different types of operations a man can have, such as the installation of an inflatable device that helps a man achieve an erection, or a penis enlargement (girth and/or width) surgery.

Penis pumps are another option for men. This helps draw blood to the end of a man’s member so he can get a hard on much easier. Afterwards, oftentimes a rubber ring or band is then placed on the penis to keep the blood enclosed to the tip of a man’s member.

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

Erectile Dsyfumction Statistics

Almost half of the men who experience erectile dysfunctions are in their 40s. This percentage increases with age. This is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men.

Although the percentage of sexual dysfunction is highest in older men, it can occur in younger men. The younger men who have this problem generally are those who are suffering from some type of sickness or disease or who are undergoing a rigorous cancer treatment.