Viagra is one of the most lucrative drug scams on the internet. It’s no wonder you are inundated with ED spam e-mail selling this kind of drug-and you are probably sent this mail more times than you can even have sex in a day!

You can never be too careful when seeking an authentic supply of this drug. Therefore, learn as much as possible about its appearance and shape as well as how to spot a legitimate pharmacy.

Obtaining your Prescription

Come time to obtain your prescription, it is best if you receive a thorough examination beforehand. The best way to do this is to make an appointment with your doctor if you have one or seek consultation from a clinic nearby.

One other more private and discreet option would be to seek online medical consultation. Make sure, however, that you receive this evaluation from a qualified online health professional who has the same medical credentials as your doctor.

Make sure you steer clear of pharmacy sites that sell Viagra with no prescription. You should be especially concerned if they offer no online evaluation or consultation services.

Viagra Appearance and Shape

Viagra Appearance and Shape

Seeing real images of Viagra will help you the best. However, a good description of this drug also should help you seek an authentic supply of this drug.

You could probably recognize the “little blue pill” anywhere. It is hardly forgettable once you have seen what it looks like.

If you do not see pictures of a diamond-shaped pill that has “Pfizer” printed on one side and “VGR” with a dosage number on the other side you know it’s not the real thing!

Price/Quantity Warnings

Viagra Price/Quality Warnings

Be careful of companies that supposedly sell cheap wholesale supplies claiming it is real Viagra. Usually they are sold in maybe 4, 10, 30, or 60 pills (or maybe up to 100 or so).

However, beware of ridiculous orders of 200 or more pills, especially when you get an offer to supposedly buy up to 800 of them. These supplies might even have the real Sildenafil Citrate in it but it is not from an authorized source.

This ingredient may be present in a certain drug that supposedly is the real thing but not at a safe amount. At the very least it may be effective but at the very most it might be exceedingly dangerous.