Levitra is one more option for men who may not have responded as well as they thought they would while taking Viagra. This is good news this drug has helped many men, even if it is not quite as well known as “the little blue pill.”

To get an idea of how users have responded to this medication you can read the user reviews and comments presented below. Everyone reacts a bit differently but overall the experience is more positive than negative.

“Take 10mg Levitra with a glass of water; try no to eat food about an hour before sex. The results are amazing.”

“Works fantastic for me. I feel like I’m in my twenties again.”

“Levitra for the first time last night. Great sex last night and twice again this morning. Wow! Changed from Viagra and have tried Cialis. Both others worked, but not near as effective as Levitra for me. I am diabetic and over 60. Mild headache afterwards.”

“Took this for the first time last night. I am a very satisfied wife today. His confidence is the best part. Works great. He had a little headache today but worth it for him.”

“I’m 54 and have used Levitra several times. I feel like an 18 year old under it’s influence.”

“Levitra works great. I do get a slight headache afterwards, but it’s worth it.”

“It works for us guys over 60! A very effective drug. I have experienced no side effects.”

“Taken an hour or two before sex I achieve a rock hard erection. My wife says I’m bigger than ever! She should know. She likes it so I’m happy. Drug seems to work for 6-8 hours after taking effect.”

“The only problem this last user notes is a minor headache.”

“Works great. I have had some bouts with ED from anxiety disorder. Taking this drug gives me one less thing to worry about in my life.”


For the most part people do not experience major side effects while using this medication. Sometimes they might experience a slight headache or blurred vision. The theory about “going blind” is not necessary true-although it is a rare side effect.

Another common mild side effect is facial flushing. However, this usually goes away in users quite fast.

The only major problem would be if a user had heart problems or other serious health condition that would make them at high risk. In this case, they are not usually prescribed Levitra or other ED medication because they are not healthy enough for sexual activity.